4. April 2017

Lacoste x Yazbukey Capsule Kollektion

Die Kollaboration der Designerin Yazbukey mit Lacoste rückt die Ursprünge des Labels – dem Tennis – wieder in den Vordergrund. Mit Emoji-Symbolen aus einem Tennisball wird das für Lacoste typische Krokodil für diese limitierte Kollektion ersetzt. Die Designerin erschuf Charaktere aus gelben Tennisbällen und verschob die typischen weißen Linien der Bälle um ihnen ein Gesicht zu geben und Emotionen ausdrücken zu können. Jetzt prangt einer dieser Emoji-Tennisbälle auf der Brust der Uni-farbigen Polo T-Shirts und das Krokodil muss auf den Kragen ausweichen. Yazbukey hat aber nicht nur dem klassischen Polohemd neuen Glanz verliehen, sondern auch T-Shirts und eine Badehose wurden von ihr neu gestaltet.

Die limitierte Kollektion ist in München nur bei Hirmer und in den Lacoste Stores verfügbar.


Das Interview mit Chefdesigner Felipe Oliveira Baptista und Yazbukey gibt tiefere Einblicke in die Entstehung der limitierten Kollektion:


Was this partnership an obvious one?

Felipe Oliveira Baptista: Yes. Yazbukey had designed the accessories for the “ LACOSTE x Lesage ” high-fashion collection in 2015. I wanted to have her highly personal and specific point of view on a more sportswear-type collection. I always think it’s a good thing to take the brand to places where people don’t expect it and have its story told through a different world. Especially as Yazbukey’s offbeat, sexy approach is not limited to design work. Her exuberant personality will lend itself to photos and videos.

Yazbukey: It’s a dream come true: I’ve at last become the tennis champion I dreamt of being as a child. I played tennis a bit, not for very long, but I remember that the coach was so beautiful it completely prevented me from concentrating on the game.


What were your sources of inspiration?

Yazbukey: We immediately started with the idea of a tennis ball in an “ emoticon ” version. So we created three characters for a tennis match – or a game of seduction – with four players: the crocodile and three tennis balls. Three balls capable of emotions playing with an amorous crocodile.

Tennis balls with personality?

Yazbukey: Yes. By modifying the grooves of the white seams on yellow balls, we gave them a face, a personality. One of them is shy and frightened. Is it the crocodile or the racket it is scared of? The second, more “flirty” one is a glamorous seductress with a sensual red mouth, like the emblem of my brand. The last one is quite a handsome guy, showing off with its dark sunglasses. And we made the crocodile look like it’s in love. We also created a pattern with broken lines on a blue background like so many lines on a tennis court seen through a kaleidoscope. I really wanted to stick to tennis clichés.


In what spirit did you design this collection?

Felipe Oliveira Baptista: I wanted to let Yazbukey play with the codes of mixed tennis in a way which was in step with her personal work. Very pop-style cartoon-like expressions on the balls, with a touch of humour, immediately seemed to me to be an obvious choice.

Yazbukey : We wanted it to be very literal, very direct, very straightforward. It’s Yazbukey’s tennis dream of being a tennis player.

Felipe Oliveira Baptista: Exactly, a totally timeless, direct line to be taken at face value, but with Yazbukey “face value” is always imbued with cheekiness.


What are the items of clothing in this collection?

Felipe Oliveira Baptista: This collection for adults and children will be a breath of fresh air on tennis courts. There’ll be flagship models with a new twist: polos, tee-shirts, shorts, etc., but also accessories: beach bags, 12.12 watches, caps, etc.

Yazbukey: A first in LACOSTE’s history. The legendary crocodile deserts the polo shirt to give way to new icon and finds a new home on the visor of a cap.


And with Yazbukey playing a personal part in the advertising?

Yazbukey: I see tennis as a visual sport, like synchronised swimming or figure skating. There is something artistic in the movements and codes of this sport. After steeping myself in the way champions move, particularly by attending the fabulous final of the 2016 Roland Garros tournament which saw Novak Djokovic crowned champion, I put myself in the shoes of women’s champion for a tennis match which refers back to advertisements in the 1980s, a time when I was a total fan of tennis and the champion Navratilova. As for each of my collections and collaborations, my image will be used for the advertising. Animated photos on which people will see the tennis court lines move or “emoticon” tennis balls attack the player. Images produced with the assistance of Yazbukeyland’s usual partners: the photographers Tania and Vincent, the designer and choreographer Aymeric Bergada du Cadet, the performer Igor, Mathieu Laudrel for the hairstyling and Amélie Moutia for the make-up.




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